Communicating Across Generations

Leverage the strengths of different generations and thrive at an entirely new level

Ever rolled your eyes at a millennial? Or gotten frustrated by a Baby Boomer who refused to learn a new technology? You’re not alone.

In this fast-paced world, we’re all learning how to adapt to rapidly changing technologies… and the generational differences that come with these changes.

I’m here to share with you how to communicate effectively across generations so you can create quantum leaps in the workplace and in your marketing.

Through bridging the generational communication gaps in marketing, social media, traditional media, face-to-face relationships, in recruiting and within the workplace, organizations can powerfully adapt to and benefit from the constant changes happening in the marketplace. 

“Sandy’s presentations on marketing and PR are engaging, interactive, customized, and perfect for our audience. Out of all of our guest speakers, Sandy gets the best results, evaluations, and feedback from our participants – which is why we invite her back again and again.”

– Sherman Coleman, Frederick County Office of Economic Development

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A CEO, Marketing & PR Consultant and Communications Strategist, Sandy is an advocate, speaker, and trainer for generations to come together for optimal creativity & results.

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“Sandy was one of our keynotes at the Chambers Women’s Expo, and we could not have chosen a better Opening Speaker! She knocked it out of the park! I truly appreciate Sandy for taking the time to make our event a success!”

– Tina M Shaw, President, Marion County Chamber of Commerce

“Sandy is an experienced professional who brings a wealth of knowledge about marketing and public relations. She is detail-oriented and dedicated to making sure that the job is completed accurately and on-time. Her personable approach to every job make her a delight to work with.”

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