How fear of judgment blocked me from doing this for 8 months

January 11, 2018 / / Uncategorized

Okay, here’s the truth…

After I created this site,, it took me 8 months to publicly announce the site and my new services to friends and family.

I had even created a Facebook post that sat on a google doc for all those months!

But I resisted posting it. (My “due date” in Asana kept moving from May to June to September and on and on!)

So what held me back? Why was I resisting it so much?

The truth is I was afraid of judgment from others.

It felt safe to hide behind the work I do in Platinum PR, my business that has evolved over the past 15+ years.

People know me for the work I do, and we’ve helped many happy clients over the years.

However, I’ve been wanting to shake things up, and have an outlet to express and promote skills that are outside of the normal scope of services of my business Platinum PR.

So finally, after agreeing with my coach to post it by the end of the year, with just one week to go, I hit “post” and shared my announcement on Facebook.

And here’s a glimpse into the feedback…

I got so much support from family, friends and colleagues, with several people sharing the post with their friends.

I even had a college friend reach out and let me know that he’s also starting his own business. He probably wouldn’t have ever said anything if I hadn’t shared this particular Facebook post. That’s amazing!

It’s got me thinking… Why do we let fear and judgement hold us back?

Whether it’s making a career change, expressing ourselves, or even taking a class outside of our comfort zone — often we hold back out of fear of what others will think.

It’s toxic on so many levels, and ultimately — it’s quite limiting!

Well, I’ve decided that I’m done letting it hold me back. I’m ready to stand up more confidently in my own skin.

How about you?

Are you holding back from pursuing a career change, a new passion, or another way to “reinvent” yourself?

What might happen if you decided to go for it?

Through stepping out beyond our fears, we can live more fulfilled lives and inspire others to do the same.

If you’re ready to step back and decide what you REALLY want, and get the support to go for it, contact me here to explore working together.

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